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Welcome to Kujiweza

Onsite Fitness and Wellness Solutions for Seniors

We are the leading Onsite Fitness and Wellness service providers for seniors in San Jose and the Bay Area. We have found our Onsite Group Fitness Class Instructors and In-home Personal Trainers programs the best way to maximize our ability to deliver relevant fitness services to help seniors’ maintain health, mobility and safety in their environment.

In addition, we offer In-home Exercise Therapy for Medical Conditions and/or Functional Fitness Testing and Training (for individuals or group). Our provisional services include Evidence-Based Fall Prevention Programs, fitness and wellness workshops, Speaker Bureau and Senior Fitness Instructor Training and Certification.

Kujiweza Onsite Fitness and Wellness Solutions for Seniors (KOFWSS) have over 20 years of experience offering Onsite Fitness and Wellness services to older adults. We partner with Senior Living Communities, Senior Community Centers, Recreation Centers, Health Clubs, Fitness Centers, Governmental Agencies, Health Care Providers, and Private Individuals to find the best fitness solutions that can help older people maintain a quality life as they age.

Whether you are a senior support organization, family or friend, we will provide you with Certified Professional Fitness and Wellness Instructors or Personal Trainers at your business location or private home.The most powerful aspect of our training classes are the life-changing effects they have on the lives of seniors living in residential communities or in their own homes.