Senior Fitness Instructor Training & Certification Classes

Benefits of becoming a Certified Senior Fitness Instructor!

Becoming a senior group exercise instructor can be one of best and most rewarding decision you can make for yourself. You are guaranteed to keep in good shape because you have to exercise to lead the class and you get paid to do it. Some other benefits of becoming a senior group exercise instructor include:

physical therapist working out with a senior woman

  • Excellent Part-time or Career Opportunities
  • Respected as a Senior Fitness Specialist
  • Create a rewarding Lifestyle for yourself
  • Rewarding to see others benefit from your teaching
  • Mental and emotional satisfactions of changing and Saving Seniors Lives
  • Excellent income
  • Keeps you motivate to take care of your own health
Senior Fitness Instructor Certification & Internship Program

Are you ready to make a difference in your community? Do you want to have an impact on the lives of others? Our Senior Fitness Instructor Certification & Internship Program is a comprehensive training program for people who wish to teach senior fitness classes. Experience is helpful, but not necessary. In the program, students learn how to conduct fitness classes that are specifically designed to meet the health, wellness, and fitness needs of senior citizens. You will learn how to help seniors develop new lifestyle habits and how to stay fit and functional to maintain an independent life. Candidates will learn a variety of fitness formats and how to deliver them in senior classes. Candidate will learn how to teach a number of internal exercise formats, class administration, and marketing with compassion-based fitness training for seniors.

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