Chair Exercises Class

Chair exercise allows seniors to strengthen muscle, improve joint flexibility and circulation and achieve the same strengthening benefits of standing exercises while seated on a chair. Exercising while seated on a chair alleviates the fear of falling and allows each person to control the amount of energy they expend. Our goal will be to strengthen sedentary bodies, improve balance, increase energy, and improve the quality of life as they age.

Exercise is vital for people of all ages for maintaining health, preventing injuries, and lowering risk of heart diseases. Having easy-to-do exercise routines readily available will help give a jump start towards better health. For those who have been discouraged time and time again due to their own physical limitations, exercise can seem cumbersome and dangerous. People who are elderly or have mobility challenges, disabilities, weight challenges, inflexibility, injuries and who are recovering from surgery may feel exercise is simply impossible and give up all together. We can help seniors with physical limitations fight back and reclaim their health with our Chair Exercise Program.

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