Pre-Surgery/Post-Surgery Exercise

For many, months of pain and suffering may cause limited mobility which can result in muscles, balance, and fitness levels deterioration. Thus, pre-surgery exercise may become paramount to improving the outcome of a surgical procedure. Pre-surgery exercise can reduce pain, increase muscle strength and minimize the need for inpatient rehabilitation. Doctors often recommend that a pre-surgery exercise program of 30 to 60 minutes, three times a week be started and maintained 6 weeks prior to surgery. Pre-surgery conditioning will increase strength, flexibility, and general fitness level and make post-surgery standing, walking, and getting up and down and in and out of bed easier.

While post-surgery rehabilitation is important to optimizing the result of a surgical procedure, post-op exercise improves muscle strength and mobility, decreases pain and speeds recovery. Basically how much one benefits from a surgical procedure is up to the patient.

Our Trainers will design an appropriate exercise program that meets individual needs. For more information on how to schedule this highly effective low-intensity exercise program, go to Information form.