DISABLED PEOPLE Exercise Program

A disability is not a disease but a condition, a condition that can be improved through exercise. Disabled peoples’ bodies need exercise even more than those without disabilities. A daily exercise program will improve self-esteem and inspire the person to strive to improve themselves, in their own way, with their disability. People with disabilities can learn to enjoy life and become more playful. An exercise program will help improve breathing and moving capacity; their confidence will build and over time their quality of life will improve. The more the disabled person exercises, the stronger they become, have more energy and lifted mood and attitude. In addition, exercising in a group is a great way to meet new people and build relationships. Exercise also helps with controlling pain. It can help restore a higher level of independence and quality of life. A quality exercise program can benefit everyone especially those with disabilities and other health challenges.

Our Trainers will design an appropriate exercise program that meets individual needs. For more information on how to schedule this highly effective low-intensity exercise program, go to Information form.