Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia Exercise Program

To prevent or reduce chronic pain, health care professionals are advising seniors to stay active and exercise rather than sit and suffer. When one suffers from chronic pain they think exercise is the last thing they need as it will cause them additional pain.This is not true as not exercising causes their bodies to get out of shape and their pain actually increases. As strange as it may sound, exercise should be a major part of treatment for chronic pain. Today, older people are encouraged to seek opportunities to move rather than remain sedentary. The specific benefits to exercise for chronic pain sufferers include keeping joints moving well, muscles strong, having sound mental health, and maintaining optimal weight control.

To help participants learn how to manage pain, our Trainer will evaluate type of pain, fitness level, the types of exercise and activities one enjoys.

Our Trainers will design an appropriate exercise program that meets individual needs. For more information on how to schedule this highly effective low intensity exercise program. Go to Information form