Respiratory Disorder Exercise Program

Exercise program for Coping with COPD

A properly structured exercise program is one of the best things a person with COPD can do to improve shortness of breath (dyspnea) condition. Most people with COPD tend to gradually do less and less activities. The less they do, the less they are able to do, eventually becoming de-conditioned and too weak to do any activity at all.

Exercise cannot reverse COPD, but it can reverse de-conditioning and help a person breathe, feel and function better. Our special COPD exercise program starts slow and gradually increases in content and intensity until the person feel and function better. Once this point is reached, we will design a program to continue to improve lung function and breathing capacity.

Our Trainers will design an appropriate exercise program that meets individual needs. For more information on how this highly effective low intensity exercise program can help you. Go to Information form