In-home Functional Fitness Training

Functional Fitness exercises train the body and mind to carry out the activities of daily living (ADL) safely and efficiently. These fitness workouts train the body and mind to continue to work together. Our instructors help each individual train their upper and lower body simultaneously with emphasis on balance, mobility, motility, flexibility, strength, posture, gait, core and small motor skills.

Our goal is to make everyday life easier and safer for everyone over the age of 55. The way Functional Fitness training achieves its goal is by training the entire body at once. Instead of the athletic approach that focuses on training one area of the body at a time: i.e. squats to build legs, pushups to build arm strength, and walking to build aerobic capacity, etc. Our integrated Functional Fitness training programs are designed to help seniors cope with chronic disease and strengthen the entire body in unison to reduce the risk of falling.

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