Restorative Exercise Class

The purpose of restorative exercise is to improve overall body movement skills to maximize performance. It is about working persistently to restore health by improving posture and body alignment. We teach participants how to change their habit pattern of movement in order to improve body mechanics and alignment. Better body mechanics and alignment help a person to move more effectively, decrease pain, improve metabolism and circulation and minimized damage to joints and connective tissue. A properly structured restorative exercise program includes breathing exercises, posture and movement techniques, flexibility and strength training as well as developing physical, mental, spiritual and emotional mindset. The goal is to create lasting change that will promote healthy functioning of all body systems.

Restorative exercise pays close attention to the details of every movement. Each individual will be assessed on how he or she sit, stand, walk, and perform basic at home activities. Participants will be taught how to change the habit patterns of their movement to help improve joint alignment, balance, and gait, range of motion and the safety and effectiveness of movement.

Our trainers will design an appropriate exercise program that meets the needs of the class. For more information about bringing the Restorative Exercise Class to your location, Information Form